Anovos Star Trek Phaser Rifle Battle Replicas Phase Out Your Competition

Star Trek: The Next Generation may just be the most successful series of the franchise to date, and it’s hard to combat 178 episodes over seven seasons of pure Sci-Fi bliss. Every year there are a number of Trekkie conventions, and this year’s is set in flashy Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’ve got your sights set on being the most amazing Star Trek officer, you know that in cosplay details are a big key to success. Instead of creating lackluster homemade replicas of your favorite weapons and scanners, ANOVOS is bringing them to Trekkies in a special release of 6 new products.

These items go hand in hand with an officer’s uniform and range from phaser rifles and simple phasers to tricorder replicas. Many of these also provide a variety of sounds, lights, and have rechargeable batteries. You may not be able to rival Picard, but you can still phase out your competition. Star_Trek_Nemesis_Type_II_Hand_PhaserStar Trek DS9 Type III Siege at AR-558 Variant Phaser Rifle
Star Trek First Contact Picard Variant Phaser Rifle 2Star Trek First Contact Picard Variant Phaser RifleStar Trek First Contact Version 2 Phaser RifleStar Trek First Contact Type II Hand PhaserStar Trek First Contact Picard Variant Phaser Rifle 3
Star_Trek_Nemesis_Type_II_Hand_PhaserStar Trek Nemesis Type II Hand Phaser

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