Animals or Food? What’s the Difference? You Decide!

We’ve all no doubt seen the classic cartoon gag in which a desperately starving person looks around the immediate surroundings and starts imagining food everywhere, right down to his or her nearest companion suddenly transforming into a burger, ham, or as we’ve experienced far too disturbingly often, giant anthropomorphic churros that scream when we bite them.

That’s why we would understand if you scoped out photographer and self-described “media production workhorse” Karen Zack on Twitter and realize you can’t tell which of these pictures is a dog and which is a muffin, bagel, or doughnut.

Please, be better than us. Learn the difference. We’re all trying out new cleanse diets and our office pooch Barks Gnarly can probably tell by now that we aren’t entirely convinced he isn’t bearclaw.

Animals or Food (10)Animals or Food (7)Animals or Food (2)Animals or Food (4)Animals or Food (5)Animals or Food (6)Animals or Food (11)Animals or Food (1)

Source – Twitter TeenyBiscuit

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Mmmm those Labradoodles look delicious!

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