Anicorn Series K452 Watches Get Charged By Your Body Movement

Your body has all the combustible energy needed to power a small midwestern town. Anicorn Series K452 Watches harness that juice to energize some of the slickest, most unique watches we’ve seen in some time.

Nope, no exaggeration here: designers Joe Kwan and Chris Chan based the Series K452 disc system’s three-layer surface design on Johannes Kepler’s three proposed laws of planetary orbital movements. The resulting network of concentric discs are graduated in size to tell seconds, minutes and hours with seconds marked out in the center disc and the minutes and hours read through the single engraved line of a separate aperture.

Powered battery-free by Miyota Calibre 9015, the 316L stainless steel body can be wound by turning the crown clockwise, but even that effort shouldn’t prove necessary; the mechanism charges itself with your body’s natural movement.

As handsome as it is handy, the Anicorn Series K452 sports a transparent convex plexiglass case back and face accented by a Milanese mesh bracelet with genuine leather straps. The body is adorned with three color planet buttons and one-of-a-kind telescopic auto winder. The face is complemented by handsome Swiss and French typeface with a laser-engraved astronaut badge. Each one-size-fits-all watch includes a convenient smart docking system.

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