Ampy Move Wearable Motion Charger Uses Kinetic Energy To Charge Your Smartphone

The kinetic energy from our motions each day is now a tap-able energy source that you can benefit from, all you need to do is wear the AMPY – a wearable motion-charger, anywhere on your person. That is all you have to do, because there are two inductors inside that make electricity when you move about, and then AMPY stores it inside the battery, so you can charge your smartphone or other mobile device when needed.

There are two charging ports on the bottom, so on days you’re not moving around you can still charge the AMPY and use it as a mobile battery when your away from home. In fact, you will have all the power you need, because the 1800 mAH Li-lon battery can store enough power to fully recharge an iPhone 6.

Are you looking for free, accessible power on-the-go? Then AMPY was designed with you in mind, harness your kinetic energy and use it to charge your mobile devices.


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