Amphibious ATV Has You Playing Leap Frog On Any Terrain Known to Man

Amphibians are well known for their ability to traverse multiple types of terrain. No this vehicle isn’t a frog, but you may feel like one when you’re switching between land and sea without a moment’s hesitation.Hammacher Schlemmer has done it again with their Amphibious ATV. This vehicle is the first high-speed all-terrain vehicle that can travel up to 45 mph whether you’re stranded in the Sahara or gliding on the surface of your favorite lake. Once you enter the water, the ATV raises its wheels 45 degrees for a smooth experience.

This baby is powered by a 140-hp BMW engine and operates just as smoothly on land with its electronic shift transmission. Forget limitations, you’ve got independent coil springs fool!

Amphibious ATV 1 Amphibious ATV 2 Amphibious ATV 3 Amphibious ATV 4 Amphibious ATV 5 Amphibious ATV 6 Amphibious ATV 7 Amphibious ATV 8 Amphibious ATV 9 Amphibious ATV 10

Source – Hammacher
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