AMP iPhone External Speaker Case Brings The Boom Without The Box

There’s no “small” luxury quite so easy to appreciate as truly superb sound delivery. Sure, Beats by Dre stereo headphones might make a bint from polished, savvy branding that ingratiates the product to image-obsessed influential celebrities. Good on them for securing a stranglehold on that niche, but read most comparative reviews carefully.

Virtually across the board, it’s the meticulously tuned audio experience from long-time industry leaders such as Bose and Sennheiser earn enduring admiration for genuine, undeniable quality.

Unfortunately, audiophiles more often pay not so much through the ears as the nose for such commitment to singularly outstanding sound. AMP would rather like to rectify that with versatile, noticeable and practically instant improvement of any iPhone 5 and upward or pair of headphones’ sound quality.

Thanks to intuitive dynamic noise reduction and graphic equalization that adapts naturally to your current background noise and listening patterns and preferences to custom-tailored crystal clarity. Your phone conversations will never sound clearer and you’ll swear your music had been newly mixed for your ears only.

Two high-sensitivity microphones filter your calls through a dedicated high-performance processor so you’ll never again lose a word of an important call, wherever you are.

The incredible speakers’ four drivers pump out deep and rich bass beneath crystal-clear high notes to instantly warm up any room with immersive sound from your music and videos or further dial in your calls for unprecedented perfect communication. It’s all powered by a dream audio engine comprised of a Cortex-M4 CPU with headphone amplifier, a dedicated processor for both mics, and 24-bit DAC.

It all comes co-molded into a high-performance TPU band fashioned from supremely protective rubber-like plastic with a high-capacity lithium ion battery that lends a 25% boost to any iPhone’s own juice and a direct lightning connection, only possible as an Apple MFi partner.

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AMP iPhone External Speaker Case
AMP iPhone External Speaker Case


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