American Celebrities Photoshopped As Chinese Farmers Is The Perfect Afternoon Pick Me Up To Your Workplace Boredom

Something about photoshopped pictures makes everything funnier. Especially so when the situation is one that would never happen in real life. Like Morgan Freeman in a cutoff cleaning corn off the cob into a wicker basket. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Quong Hong is a social media star in China on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) with thousands of followers. He put together this gallery of hilarious edited images with some of our favorite celebrities doing some pretty unusual tasks.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll love looking at the smiling faces of these celebs as they work away in the fields. Or, if you’re looking for a laugh, just try to imagine how the situation would be in real life.

Like Hugh Jackman hugging and laughing with this pile of watermelons. We want to hear the joke they told.

Or Tom Hiddelston happily presenting this basket of grapes. Maybe he’ll do some magic on them?

Chris Hemsworth seems to be enjoying this large… er… squash?

It looks like Leo took his Oscar and retired, deciding to live out his days as a farmer.

Perhaps Ben got tired of being the Batman and decided to be Potatoman?

If only Matt had these delicious looking fruits on his trip to Mars.


Enjoying it so far? Yes? Good! Want some more? Here, have some more!

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