Amazon Prime Air New Drone Prototype Is A Plane Hybrid

Amazon Begins Development Of The Freakin’ Future At International Build Sites as Jeremy Clarkson explains in new video.

At undisclosed Amazon development sites in the United States, Israel, and the UK, the world’s most prolific and trusted revolutionary online merchant is building the future – and exiled TOP GEAR icon Jeremy Clarkson gets to narrate the whole thing.

It turns out that Jeff Bezos wasn’t kidding: Amazon Prime Air may very well, as the jaw-dropping preview boasts, make airborne delivery drones as common a sight as ordinary mail trucks. Amazon developers will aim for small drones traveling under 400 feet and weighing under 55 pounds to deliver packages up to five pounds in under 30 minutes. Safety obviously being of paramount concern, engineers are currently fine-tuning redundancies to pair with bleeding-edge “sense and avoid” guidance for a crucial practical demonstration.

When we say “crucial”, we mean that Amazon Prime Air literally doesn’t get off the ground without airtight regulatory support for any of their dozen or so working prototypes. As professed in their own preview announcement, they consider the safest airspace to be anywhere in which capability determines access and separation keeps small drones out of manned aircraft traffic lanes.

In kind, we may or may not begin retrofitting the Unique Hunters offices with anti-aircraft artillery capable of downing nearby drones without destroying any GAME OF THRONES Blu-ray sets that may be aboard.

Amazon-Prime-Air-Drone (1)

Amazon-Prime-Air-Drone (3)Amazon-Prime-Air-Drone (4)
Amazon-Prime-Air-Drone (2)

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