Amazon Dash Make In-Home Purchases Effortless

Never run out of your favorite items ever again with a simple press of a button that rests next to where you use them. Wow! has come a long way. If you’ve seen their original webpage from back in the day, you’ll surely be surprised by the horde of services they offer now to stay competitive in the marketplace. Long since straying from their sole responsibility of an online bookstore, Amazon now has ebooks, Prime, digital content, games, and other miscellaneous services. But what’s next for the ambitious company?

They call it Amazon dash, and in a nutshell these devices are simple buttons that when pressed purchase your favorite specific products without having to get online at all. Though you have to be an Amazon Prime member, these buttons are cheap and convenient for those lacking the time to place orders on a constant basis.

Though only 18 brands are currently available to members, we’re sure Amazon will get more ambitious with the project as time goes by. After all, it’s what they do.

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