Amazing Hybrid Animal Food Mashups Shows You Are What You Eat

Get ready to have your sense of reality warped into a new dimension.  An artist named Sarah deRemer did a study of mashing animals with their favorite foods they are known to eat. While some of the foods are other animals, she tests her creative juices when mashing up a mouse and cheese, or the bizarre snails and strawberries. Who know snails liked strawberries so much?

Take a look at this phenomenal Photoshop artists’ work in her series “You Are What You Eat” which proves she is definitely the top of the food chain predator of Photoshop artists.

Hawk & Rabbit

hawk rabbit

Frog & Flyfrog fly

Polar Bear & Sealpolar bear seal

Humming Bird & Flower Nectar

hummingbird flower

Tiger & Wild Boartiger wild boar Mouse & Cheesemouse and cheese Lion & Wildebeestlion wildebeest Snails & Strawberriessnails strawberries Fox & Chickenfox chicken Snake & Ratsnake rat Cat & FishCat FishTortoise & Lettucetortoice lettuce

Lizard & Katydid


Lizard & Katydid

Human & Sandwichman burger

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