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Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar Swaps Out Xenomorph’s Acid-Blood For Chocolate Chips

This is how we fight back, Xenomorphs. You stuff us with embryos? Cool. Game on. We’ll stuff your skulls with cookies. You make us the vessels for your fugly little Chestbursters, you become the dishes for our snacks. That’s the Unique Hunters way.

We’re just saying, if you nasty assholes were to live up to this Alien Warrior Ceramic Cookie Jar and simply be filled with snickerdoodles and Oreos instead of acid-blood, we might have taken YOUR race’s side against the Predators. Your loss. As it stands, you’re reduced to having us pluck delicious sweets from your heads while we merrily kick your ass as our favorite ugly motherf***er in MORTAL KOMBAT X when you arrive in Kombat Pack 2 on March 1.

Just remember, you brought this on yourselves. Game Over, man. Game Over.Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar 2Aliens-Warrior-Cookie-Jar

8.5 Total Score
Guaranteed to keep Predators away from your cookie stash

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$44.99 Buy Here
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