Alien Titans Nostromo Figures Wants To Hug Your Face

Blind Box action figures are cool pop-culture figures featuring giant heads and blocky little bodies. They look epic and if you thought that the alien queen was scary ripping apart Bishop … imagine if it had a massive head.

Of course you also get Ripley, face huggers, Ripley in a space suit (but sadly no forklift armor), an egg, the crew and more. In total there are 16 different figures and each costs $9.99. The rub is that you never know which one you’re going to get, so if you want the whole set you’ll need to do some trading with your friends (assuming you have enough nerdy friends). You can get them at ThinkGeek.

The figures are that excellent mix of awesome and cutesy which Blind Box is known for and they’d look great on any dashboard or on any office desk for that matter. Once you get the whole set you can then recreate your favorite scenes and repeatedly jettison the alien out into space.

You might though want to keep the Face Hugger on the other side of the room while you work. Those things are creepy and disgusting…

Source – ThinkGeek via Technabob

Alien Titans Nostromo Figures Alien Titans Nostromo Figures


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