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Alien Queen Bust Bank Keeps Our Change For An Acid Rainy Day

In space, no one can lend you change to do laundry. Thanks to all the obviously completely unexpected mayhem and carnage wrought by Weland Yutani’s insistence on trying to smuggle acid-filled apex predators instead of exterminating them, sound banking probably isn’t exactly sitting atop anybody’s priorities.

So, how is anyone to keep their cash safe and sound in a place that should probably just be nuked from orbit at the sight of one slimy, leathery mystery egg the size of a human infant? Well, if the big nasty bastards are already clawing down your door and the turrets are both dry, we would suggest making arrangements to send a few commandos ripe for chest-bursting toward the nearest Xenomorph Queen and see if she’ll keep one eye on your quarters in return.

Of course, down here on Earth, we’re on Easy Street. For want of remorseless perfect predatory organisms waiting to turn us into walking, screaming incubators, we tend to settle for this 8″ Alien Queen Bust Bank to keep our cash cool. Artist Jean St. Jean based this bank’s look on the late H.R. Giger’s design for the 1986 franchise sequel Aliens and the result is a likeness so meticulously detailed, we handle it with the utmost care just to avoid being drenched in molecular acid if it should break. Luckily, we’ll never have to do any such thing to get our money back, since this statue includes a coin release door in the base.

What can we say? We admire its purity.

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