Alien Big Chap Bust Bank Protects Your Money With Acid Blood & Teeth Honoring H.R. Giger’s Most Legendary, Terrifying Creation

As much as we’re charmed by those adorable little coin banks that have a little cat or raccoon or some other cutesy creature peek out of a lid and slip a paw out to quickly “steal” our change, we couldn’t be more thankful that the Alien “Big Chap” Bust Bank is just a chillingly detailed vinyl statue. Can you imagine this monstrous purely perfect interstellar predator stealthily grabbing for our quarters?

Screw that. We’d read it our bank account numbers and Steam passwords if we thought it might go back to the shadows and leave us alone.

Of course, this eight-inch-long bust bank includes the standard features anyone would expect, namely a coin slot and access door. It’s easily the most disquieting place you could possibly stuff your change. However, Eli Livingston’s sculpture represents something much bigger to sci-fi and horror buffs such as ourselves.

It honors the dark, macabre vision of one of our all-time favorite artists, the legendary late H.R. Giger. “Big Chap” was the affectionate name bestowed behind the scenes upon his now-iconic Xenomorph created for Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film “Alien,” and we’re hard-pressed not to agree with that description. Livingston not only pays homage to Giger’s creation in fascinating detail, but adds a clear amber-tinted head plate that that allows us to look down at the creature’s skull and spine.

Now that’s one way to see an unforgettable face of terror in a whole new light.

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