Alex Markow’s “Lost In Infinity Split” Camouflages Models Against Trippy Fluorescent Backgrounds

Ordinarily, we’d raise hot Hell about the pointlessness of making things glow all bright and pretty-like just to hide them among other fluorescent surroundings. Then again, imaginative photographer Alex Markow took a Miami building filled with primary objects and destined for demolition and turned the joint into a real-life Magic Eye.

This luminous visual series came together faster than you can say “You dumb bastard, it’s not a schooner, it’s a sailboat” with some keen help from artist Magnus Sodamin and a troupe of models on a floor-to-ceiling tableau dubbed “Infinity Split”. Over 3,000 feet of gallery walls comprise the psychedelic space where Markow photographed the fluorescently body-painted figures in brilliant environment camouflage accented by black-light illumination. What eventually became “Lost In Infinity Split” ended up being, to quote Markow, “compared to an acid trip”.

Is it just us, or when you relax your eyes, does at least one of these resemble David Bowie and Jesus riding a carrot in space while drinking Slurpees?

alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (1)alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (7)alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (2)
alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (4)alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (6)alex-markow-blacklight-splatter-paint-lost-in-infinity-split (3)
Source – DesignBoom via alex markow /  magnus sodamin

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It's like having an acid trip without the drugs

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