AirJamz App-Enabled Bluetooth Guitar Pick Plays Air Guitar Licks Like No One’s Business

Haven’t you ever wanted to play the guitar? Your definitely not alone, most people want to play music, but can’t because taking guitar lessons is not an option for many busy folks today. However, there is good news, now, anyone can experience the joy of playing music, anytime, using AirJamz – a music toy guitar pick that connects to a smartphone using an app.

How would you like to play the guitar along with any one of over a hundred instruments, anytime you want? Well, you can, using AirJamz. Create cool SFX sounds, play along with drums, the flute, and many other musical instruments, you can even jam with up to 4 other aspiring musicians.

The Bluetooth guitar pick is your key to making great music, simply start the app, power up the pick, and strum like you’ve never strummed before, it’s an air guitar enthusiast dream come true, rocking out with the AirJamz Music app.

This Bluetooth guitar pick will turn you into an air guitar star, when you shake and strum it, your motions are sensed instantly and are then converted into music and sounds. It’s that simple to make music, however, it’s all in the shake, rattle, and rolling of the AirJamz guitar pick that will establish your dominance as a true air guitar legend.

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