Airing Mini CPAP Machine Gives a Noiseless Night of R&R Without Strings Attached

You love that great feeling of your head hitting the pillow before you get a good night’s worth of sleep. You wake up the next morning only to discover that your roommates or spouse is in a terrible mood. You know you snore, but what the heck are you supposed to do about it?There have been all kinds of snore-obliterating devices, from mouth guards to pills to obnoxious CPAP machines that completely cover your face. These devices aren’t comfortable, so why should you have to suffer? An Indie-Gogo funded company Airing has raised enough funds for their sleep apnea treatment that goes by the same name.

In a nutshell, it’s a hoseless, maskless, and cordless CPAP device without any cords. Simply plug it into your nose and micro blowers will create the right airway pressure for a noiseless night of R&R. Looks like you won’t be terrorizing the neighborhood anytime soon.

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Source – Coolthings via Indiegogo

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