Air Bonsai Floating Trees Are Ancient Japanese Wishing Stars That Grow In Mid-Air

Is the Air Bonsai what we would call especially useful? Unless the ancient Japanese legend of “little stars” at the galaxy’s edge made to grant wishes proves true, not really. Is this magical floating tree’s pastoral sort of “magic” very cool? Oh, absolutely.

A deeply spiritual reverence for mankind’s sacred harmony with the surrounding forces of nature runs deeply through Japan’s most prized folklore. The “atelier” is said to be a place at the edge of the galaxy where stars themselves are made, little heavenly bodies the Japanese know as “air bonsai” made to wish upon. Thanks to this wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, you can now own your very own without having to journey to the end of all Creation.

In fact, you can take your choice of seven beautiful varieties of bonsai, each born to live anywhere from to up to 25 years. The mossy floating “little star” half is a ball from which the tree itself will grow. It remains airborne thanks to magnetic energy conducted within the authentic Imari-porcelain “energy base” capable of holding up to 300 grams of weight up to two centimeters aloft. A handy AC adapter keeps the internal mechanism turning to keep the tree in the air. Each Air Bonsai is decoratively handcrafted by dedicated Japanese artisans.

With 32 days to go in the campaign as of Jan. 28, an astounding 2,131 backers have chosen to believe in the Air Bonsai, eclipsing the $80,000 fundraising goal $468,865 in backing. Head over now to make a wish today.

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