Aido Home Robot Helps With Chores, Schedule, Security & Plays With Your Kids

There are many types of robots today, they come in all shapes and sizes and are effectively used in industrial environments to do work that is too dangerous for humans, and for simple and very complex tasks that help humanity in many ways, they are even used in theaters of war. There is no escaping; the fact that robots will play ever-growing roles in the lives of humans.

Now, introducing the next obvious step in robot evolution – Aido: Next Gen Home Robot is here. Much like the robot in the popular movie “The Bicentennial Man” starring Robin Williams, Aido is designed and programmed to be a social family robot, to help around the house in many ways.

Uniquely mobile and quite, he can help you with your daily schedule, play with your kids, access the Internet via voice recognition software and then project images and video on the wall upon command. It’s pretty amazing, and when you are not home, not to worry, Aido will let you know the on-goings via Internet and mobile apps on your smartphone.

It’s like having your own security guard at home. There is much more you’ll learn about this amazing little robot from the company’s promotional video that will make you want a little family bot of your own.


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