AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball Stops Fires In 3 Seconds With Non-toxic Chemicals

There are things in life that pose risks to both people and property, is one in particular that has the potential to cause death and destruction is fire. Preventing fires is everyone’s concern, but when fire strikes, putting the flames out fast can mean the difference between life and death.

While there are many types of fire fighting devices available, technology and innovation has produced a new and amazing means to put out a fire fast, it’s called the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball. It is effective in homes and businesses, and very easy to use and deploy. It will detonate when exposed to fire, dispersing non-toxic chemicals in a radius up to 107 feet that will extinguish any flames of a class A, B or C fire.

The AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball can be used anywhere and at anytime, while cooking in the kitchen, in commercial buildings, cars, boats, and even while camping. And, it is eco-friendly because it uses non-toxic chemicals. If you want to make sure you are safe from fires, get a few of these and place them in any fire prone area.

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