Aetho Aeon GoPro Robotic Stabilizer Keeps Your Footage Steady As You Shoot

Thanks to ever-more-intuitive drone interfaces and cameras that pack remarkably potent processing power and resolution into unthinkably compact packages, getting oneself in position for superb HD video is getting easier and easier. Keeping it steady and well-angled? That’s another story.

That brings us to Aeon. Think of it as your GoPro’s own personal cinematographer. Packed with features to micro-manage any capture, Aeon provides a robotic handheld stabilizer that keeps your footage looking smooth, cinematic and balanced no matter where your camera goes.

While the integrated, live-action LCD display provides perfect perspective on your shot, the joystick-style direction control lets you fine-tune focus at any given time. The attached accessory mount guarantees its compatibility with virtually any GoPro accessory for limitless versatility. Aeon can also go with you just about as long as you need, with five hours of battery life from a single full charge, trackable from the onboard indicator.

This handy little ergonomic stabilizer begins Indiegogo pre-orders this fall.

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Aetho Aeon
Aetho Aeon
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