Aerodrums Air Drumming Sticks Turn Thin Air Into A MIDI Drum Kit Anywhere

There are many musical instruments for people to play, but out of all of them the drums are the hardest to learn because of the space needed to practice them. A full portable drum set is not a tiny task to acquire and arrange, let alone finding space in the house to place it, not to mention finding a time to practice that won’t disturb the neighbors.

Thankfully, these obstacle are eliminated, thanks to Aerodrums – a computer program that works with specially designed drum sticks and shoe mounted sensors that allow anyone to play on a full drum set, without owning a full drum set.

Now, you can practice playing the drums anywhere, anytime, all you need is a laptop and a headset or external speakers, so you can yourself play. The program can run on either Windows or Mac operating systems, and at least 900MB of free hard disk space is needed.

You’ll discover a full list of synthesized drums and cymbals in the Natural Drum Kit library, and the music you make can effortlessly record into a wide assortment of MIDI beats from the Digital Audio Workstation.

If you love playing the drums, but don’t have anywhere to set up your drum set and play, don’t let that stop you, get the Aerodrums and let the good times roll.

During holiday gatherings, giving a portable drum kit to someone with whom you don’t share an address is the gift-giving equivalent gesture to walking up to your boss and decking him upside the head with a rotting whole salmon.

You hate where you are. You can’t stand anyone around you. You don’t simply want to leave, though. Instead of just quietly walking away, you want to dish out one act that guarantees you will never be asked to come back.

If you must give the gift of percussive music this season and don’t want to be judged your social circle’s walking, talking white-elephant gift that mercilessly keeps on giving, look no further than Aerodrums.

The box says it all: “This is a drum kit.” Specifically, it’s a motion-sensitive software suite that uses a Sony PlayStation 3 Eye camera to detect your sticks’ movements and translate them into actual high-quality drum sounds culled from over a gigabyte of samples. The downloadable software lets any aspiring Tommy Lee or Sheila E. configure a completely personalized drum kit, complete with custom-selected samples. There is no physical setup, aside from cueing up the program. Since you need as little hardware as sticks, a camera, a laptop, and maybe the included white sunglasses, you can audition for Spinal Tap anywhere you can tote a backup.

Here’s the part every non-deaf individual who has to live with this gift’s recipient will appreciate most: with headphones plugged in, Aerodrums is completely silent.

Aerodrums requires either an Apple computer manufactured in 2009 or later running Mac OS X 10.6 and up or a PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 with at least an Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz processor. Due to potential interference with the camera, this kit does not accommodate outdoor drumming in sunlight.

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