Adventures in The Storybook Empire Colors The World By Helping Our Military Families

Storytellers: Adventures in The Storybook Empire is a children’s book written by Brian K. Wagner and illustrated by Kat Boykott. It tells of two storytellers one that brings color, joy and light into an empire while a King finds his long awaited treasure. The setting is in a hidden Empire made up entirely of books somewhere in the Jungles of South America. At first the Empire appears to be colorless, it’s not until Bennett writes his stories in the empty books does the Empire gleam like a

The book’s main purpose is to encourage a love of reading and books while also helping those in need. A portion of the proceeds of the completed sale of the book goes to help the TD foundation, a 100% volunteer organization that provides aid to children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes of the military. Another important part of the Kickstarter campaign is the
readers themselves. A pledge of support can make you a “Citizen of the Empire” and for an additional pledge of support you can even be drawn into the book and forever be apart of the story.

To pledge support for the project or just to find out more information about the book and project visit

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