Adventure Scents Bring Fantasy To Life With The Sweet Smell Of Geekery You’ll Love

As lifelong geeks of deeply personal tastes, we’re accustomed to standing a breed apart in our defined styles. Nevertheless, there are those times we have to adapt, assimilate and just blend comfortably within the slice of the world around us that WON’T meet on the field of honor to decide among us which House should claim the Iron Throne or whether Kirk or Picard is the supreme captain.

That’s why we just can’t help but feel as though Adventure Scents are the aroma of Nerdvana.

Whatever the backdrop of the speculative, fantastic adventure that never fails to take you away, from backpedaling into history alongside the Doctor to exploring the depths of a Lovecraftian asylum or fleeing a very rapey tree in dark, dank woods surrounding an isolated cabin, there’s an evocative scent blended to take you away.

Some of the interesting geek scents are, Welcoming Inn, Rowdy Tavern, Horse Stables, Fishing Docks, Healing Sanctuary, Smoky Campfire, Pirate Ship, Gypsy Wagon, Steam Train, Flying Airship, Enchanted Forest, Ice Castle, Wizard Tower, Dusty Library, Alchemist Lab, Moldy Crypt, Vampire Lair, Dragon Cave, Field of Battle, Mummy Tomb, Barren Moon, New Spaceship, Engine Room, Science Lab, Time Machine, Japanese Teahouse, Roman Bathouse, Ottoman Harem, Mayan Temple, Gold Mine, City Streets, Fairgrounds, Coffee House, Bombed Out Ruins, Public Park, Desert Oasis, Volcanic Jungle, Mountain Woodlands, Fetid Swamp, and Blooming Prairie.

If you’ll be so kind as to visit, you can even activate the Scent-O-Matic to divine the quintessential scent inspired by your deepest held fandom. Personally, we’re partially to Time Machine’s remembrance of petrichor – the scent of dust right after the rain – and the way that Spaceship reminds us of settling into our quarters right before Joker and EDI jump as through a mass relay in pursuit of Batarian pirates.

he Adventure Scents line contains 40 fragrances based on common adventure locations. We’ve got your fandom covered with themes from fantasy, science fiction, historical, modern action, and horror.



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Adventure Scents
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