Action Hero Beach Blanket Lets You Relax Like A Superhero Should

Who hasn’t wanted to be an action hero at some point in time, usually its kids who fantasize about being some type of super hero, but some kids never grow up on the inside and the thought lingers into adulthood, corporate board meetings, first dates and sometimes when volunteering to wash the dishes after dinner.

Now, anyone can become an official packaged action hero with the Action Hero Beach Blanket! Of yes, it’s true; you can be a super hero at the beach or around swimming pools.

Instructions: Place the Action Hero Beach Blanket down strategically in a well-traveled part of the beach or swimming pool area. Then position your Action Hero self on the beach blanket in an action pose. That’s it’s! Wham, Bam… Boom, Beach Blanket Man, you have become an Action Hero. Batteries not included.
Action Hero Beach Blanket 1

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