ACPAD Electronic Orchestra Puts Hundreds Of MIDI Instruments On Your Guitar

For decades now, the synthesizer (and, to a less-widespread-but-more-awesome extent, the keytar) has been that standard-bearer in versatile electronic multi-instrumentation. Well, if anything was going to step up to challenge that, it might as well be the timeless acoustic guitar with a hand from the ACPAD Electronic Orchestra.

With hundred of programmed loops, sound effects and instruments in its library, the ACPAD is the world’s first wireless MIDI controller ever dedicated to an unplugged six-string.

The ACPAD attaches and removes reside-free from any acoustic guitar’s body in seconds with a gentle adhesive and absolutely no wires, screws, or permanently disfiguring alteration=sn of any kind. It connects and syncs to virtually any device either wirelessly via the USB dongle or by way of any standard mini-USB cable to interface with DAWs and music apps including Ableton, Logic, and more.

The gold-plated pad contacts make intuitive pressure sensitivity possible on only a few millimeters’ surface thickness to detect and adapt to just how hard or swiftly soft you engage each button. From there, blend exactly what the name describes – an “electronic orchestra” – using a sonic sea of sounds you record, loop and mix your way through a laptop, desktop or mobile device with no MIDI or analog pickup needed. Recording and mixing is best helped by an extra pickup or microphone, but neither is necessary. Experiment with electronic multi-instrumentation in a way Les Paul and Django Reinhardt couldn’t have dreamed.

  • 8 touchpads
  • 10 preset buttons to customize and save up to 25 settings for instant engagement
  • 2 independent loop channels to trigger, record and repeat any element you choose
  • 2 intensity-modulating slider faders

Forget the world being your oyster. Your guitar is your orchestra.
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