Accidental Camouflage Clothing Helped These 77 People Hide

Remember that one economically strapped family you knew growing up? The one whose kids’ clothes looked like they were sewn from drapes or a stripped-down couch? Some of you might even have grandparents or great grandparents who actually did fashion shirts, scarves, pants, skirts and the like from repurposed upholstery.

Now, feel free to imagine just what kind of threats you’d lay down to get a full refund if the retail ensemble for which you’d laid out actual greenbacks perfectly matched a vinyl bus seat pattern or apartment-hallway paint job.

Among these  instances of remarkable incidental camouflage, we’ll give the soldier demonstrating military-issue digital camo a pass – that’s a rare admirable example of tax dollars at work. Likewise, that tyke in the yellow coat delivers one impressive fire hydrant cosplay indeed. Everyone else?

Hm. How exactly “should” we feel about the number of clothing and carpet manufacturers apparently sourcing their patterns and fabric swatches from the same designers?

Source – Bored Panda

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