9mm Bullet Push Pins Probably Won’t Get You Fired At Work

For those who work around guns, whether it is for a security firm, law enforcement agency or just a gun enthusiast, these 9mm bullet casing push pins are a one-of-a-kind American item that not only make a statement, but are actually functional and well-made.

These push pins are special in that they are made from real 9mm bullet casings, available in both brass and nickle, there are eight pieces in a set and look very intimidating when used on cork boards. Every push pin is made from a once-fired shell casing and will have some minor blemishes, which adds to their allure.

While these are ‘real’ shell casings, there are no safety concerns as they do not have live primers or any gunpowder inside. If you are looking for a great gift ideas for that gun-toting friend of yours, or you’re looking to buy some push pins for your office boards, then lock and load these into your online basket and fire-away your credit card number today.

9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins (1)9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins (2)9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins (3)9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins (4)9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins (5)

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