9 Pictures Of Famous World Leaders Caught Taking A Crap. Unbelievable!


Often when we see world leaders in the media, they have an air of power among the people with their attitude, posture and stature. The decisions they need to make on a daily basis weigh high on their heads where as they always need some time to reflect on the decisions they have made and the outcomes they bring. Where better to do this than on the porcelain throne.

Did you know studies have shown that some people do their best thinking on the toilet? Unfortunately or fortunately, most of us will never see that side of a person. Wonder no more!  A digital artist, Cristina Guggeri in collaboration with Areashoot, wondered what these special moments may look like when nature calls. And wonder no more.

In a series of images called Il Dovere Quotidiano, or “The Daily Duty” she brings out the less often seen human elements of what makes us all realize we’re all pretty much alike.

President Barack Obama Taking A Crap

president obama taking a crap

Vladimir Putin Taking A Crap

Vladimir Putin taking a crap


Pope Francis Taking A Crap

pope francis taking a crap


Dali Lama Taking A Crap

Dali Lama taking a crap


Angela Merkel Taking A Crap

Angela Merkel taking a crap


Silvio Berlusconi Taking A Crap

Silvio Berlusconi taking a crap


Benjamin Netanyahu Taking A Crap

Benjamin Netanyahu taking a crap

Glad they don’t have smellovision. 🙂

Source – BoredPanda

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