82 Pop Culture Icons Unmasked In Art Book Shows Who’s Really Under The Mask

Who we are on the surface never tells the entire story, does it? Take a good, close look at ICONS UNMASKED by hilarious Chicago artist Alex Solis, and you’ll never look at pop culture’s most ubiquitous icons quite the same way again once you realize just how much they might be hiding.

Not only are the illustrations themselves amusing homages to creators from GARFIELD’s Jim Davis and late PEANUTS cartoonist Charles Schulz to Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening, but each hints at how much of the old rests just beneath the surface of the new. Sure, we all know there’s a few hundred pounds of Homer Simpson in Peter Griffin, However, have you ever wondered if perhaps Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson ever suspected that it might be Squidward Tentacles under that gumball-machine head and not those “special parts” that could have stopped MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE or THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN anytime they wanted?

If it has never escaped you that Beavis and Butt-head and Bebop and Rocksteady have never been seen in the same place at the same time, then mosey on over to Solis’s Kickstarter campaign to bring ICONS UNMASKED to life today. With three days to go as of Jan. 6, a combined 692 backers have shot the book past the original $7,000 goal to the tune of $41,132 in funding.

Source – KickStarter / Alex Solis

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