@7PM Will Turn Your Smartphone Into a True ‘Universal Remote’

Many people feel a little disappointed with technology today. We were told that by the year 2,000 we’d all be driving flying cars and/or be hunted by killer robots. Now nobody quite wants to be hunted by killer robots but it would certainly be a little more interesting than the lame technology we’ve ended up with.

ios / andriod smartphone  tv remote

One of the most consistent promises of ‘the future’ is the idea of a completely universal remote. That’s one device that you keep on your coffee table which can control every single thing in your home. And we haven’t even managed to get that right! Come on, how hard can it be?

mobile phone universal remote

@7PM smartphone remote is a device that you plug into your smartphone in order to turn that into a true universal remote. Finally! It plugs into the headphone jack so it should work with pretty much any mobile device and from there you can then use it to control 9,000+ entertainment models from all over the world. The interface is big and easy to use and that way you can control pretty much anything in your home – in theory at least.

how 7pm remote works

But of course most people will just use it to be annoying round friends’ houses…

This is why we can’t have nice things.

smartphone remote

Source – TheGadgeteer via LooqSystem


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