70 Unique Baby Halloween Costumes That Inspire Creative Cuteness

Halloween is definitely the most looked forward to holiday that lets people be someone or something else for a change, and changing into a costume can be very fun, especially for kids and their parents. Including babies into the holiday spirit of costume dress-up is the next ‘big’ craze.

Parents have come up with amazingly cute Halloween costumes for babies that are definitely worth viewing and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Creativity is the name of this fun game – creating costumes that include parent and baby carrier. Some of the best baby costumes are Star Wars themed, the father storm trooper and baby Wookie, and the baby Yoda are out of this world examples of how fun Halloween can be.

The Sesame Street themed Oscar Baby Costume that looks like Oscar the Grouch is in his garbage can, carried by a garbage handler, aka mommy, is priceless. There are many more to discover, and you will surely become inspired to create your Halloween baby costumes.

Source – Bored Panda

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