7 Lip Enhancement Fails You Won’t Believe How Bad Gone Wrong

Big full lips are undoubtedly an attractive feature for any woman and it’s understandable why someone might think about getting their mouth enhanced to be a little more pouty. Unfortunately though, these enhancements don’t always go to plan. If your objective was simply to have ‘really massive lips’ then sure, these could be worse. After all, who cares about being able to close their mouth anyway? Or talk normally? Does it really matter if your lips don’t line up like… at all?

Exactly. So in which case, you should find these pictures beautiful.

But otherwise if you’re normal, you’ll probably find them to be a pretty serious warning of what can go wrong if you get the wrong plastic surgeon. Or if you get addicted to surgery and end up getting too much done to the point where you look like a terrifying clown.

If you’re feeling sorry for these people then don’t worry too much – lip enhancement is normally temporary as is the case for many of the examples that follow. The good news is that this means you can laugh/cringe/whatever without feeling badly guilty about it.

Enjoy and let this be a lesson to all those looking for fuller lips!

Lip Fail - Brittany Forster to Kylie Jenner

Source – Oddee

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