62 Scary Bodypaint Monsters By Artist Look Incredibly Creepy

Body painting is nothing new, people use their bodies as living canvas to paint scenery on their skins, color themselves as animals and even abstract art. But, one unique type of body art has some people… scared.

Bodypainter/artist/hairstylist, Corie Willet, enjoys transforming her body into ghoulish creatures of the night. Some of her eerie transformations are… disturbing to look at, to say the least. However, her body paint jobs are outstandingly original, creepy, inspiring, and just weird, in a very uniquely cool way. This is by far one of the best examples of cosplay art with bodypaint we’ve seen.

Some of her graveyard body art includes skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, and monsters inspired from a wide range of well-known horror movies. As much as her artwork moves people, her creativity and talent win the day; she definitely is becoming an inspiration to body artists and bodypainters everywhere, as she shows her fellow artists what other nightmarish possibilities there are from the ‘Dark-Side’ of art.

Source – TwistedSifter via TwistinBangs

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