6 ‘Personality Characterstics’ That Are Actually Full Blown Mental Disorders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text bordered=””]Are you ‘delightfully eccentric’? Sure, you just keep telling yourself that. Science though would probably have something else to say on the matter and may in fact find you to be full-blown nuts.

Turns out that a lot of our adorable ‘habits’ are actually medical conditions. If you’re looking for a good excuse to get your partner certifiable, keep reading…

Paruresis – Fear Of Peeing In Public


This is the fear of peeing in the toilet urinal. It’s an irrational fear that a lot of guys and girls get and of course it ironically results in an inability to pee, meaning you just stand there long! most sever cases, some people can only pee in their own homes. About 17 million people actually suffer from this at one point in their lives.


Onychophagia – Nail Biting Which Can Lead To ASS WORMS

nail biting

This is reportedly the most common medical condition in the world. You probably haven’t heard of it but chances are you’re familiar with its more common name: nail biting. About 45% of people between 10-18 suffer. Most disgusting is bacteria gets transferred in the body, and some people have reported to have gotten pinworms from the anus to the mouth. Whats right. Ass worms.


Involuntary Expression Disorder – AKA Being A Dick

laughin at funeral

This is like turrets for the face where you smile at funerals and do other inappropriate stuff like that. If you’ve watched Coupling then you might know of a similar disorder called the ‘Giggle Loop’. Like laughing at a funeral, or finding joy in other peoples misfortunes. Its also known as being a dick.


Alexithymia – Emotionless Spock


Are you a cool, mysterious and aloof guy? Those are your words for it but everyone else thinks you’re a jackass. And psychologists think you’re either a psychopath or you have alexithymia – an inability to express your emotions. About 10% of people actually suffer from this, usually causing a fight between you and your spouse. These people have much less of an imagination too, so don’t ask them for their creative input. Whats the treatment? Hugging. Yep. Its the actual prescribed medical treatment. We don’t think that would work on Spock though.


Misophonia – Extreme Hatred Of Sounds

chewing sounds

Have you ever been sitting in a movie theater, and the people around you are eating popcorn too loudly. Or perhaps you’re in class trying to concentrate on your midterm, and the guys nose is whistling sitting behind you. Yep, you’ll frigging lose it.  Of course most of us can control these rages, but some of us, the hatred is so predominant that there is no calming period. It’s an instant choke hold around your neck to get you to stop making that awful chewing sound!!!


Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Stubborn Asshole Douche-bag

dont give a f

You know that one person who always seems to defy authority and refuse to cooperate? Yes, this person is a douche-bag. The one person who is always trying to get one over on other people, or is simply just being a stubborn asshole beyond normal behavior. This affects about 20% of children, and if untreated, 52% will eventually become a form of conduct disorder.

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