6 Minute Gentle Thawing Tray Defrosts Frozen Meat Faster With Better Engineering For Taster Eats

From tilapia to tenderloin, there’s no underestimating a perfect, even thaw’s importance to preparing tender, flavorful meat. Hammacher Schlemmer’s 6 Minute Gentle Thawing Tray makes sure last-minute planning never again forces you to sacrifice taste, nutrients, or freshness for a harsh microwave defrosting or a questionably sterile soak in cold water.

Instead, the 6 Minute Gentle Thawing Tray’s embedded heat pipes coax ambient warmth to its surface to safely dissipate cold 2 1/2 times more quickly than most traditional means and without harsh chemicals, costly batteries, or the aid of an external power source. Instead of twiddling your thumbs while salmon filets soak in an ice bath, your fish could be ready for healthy gourmet pan-roasting in six minutes or less. It’s simply better dining through cutting-edge applied engineering.

You can always skip it all and just open up a can of yeti meat for dinner.






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Amazing Technology No Electricity Or Batteries Required

Thermo-liquid plus heat fins to maximize the rate of heat exchange between frozen food and room temperature, resulting in a lightening-quick defrost, 2 times faster than traditional thawing. Heat Fins promote heat exchange while it dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface, keeping juices where they belong. No electricity or batteries are required so you can safely take it with you anywhere; camping, boating, tailgating, or use it on an RV.

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