55 Worst Face Tattoos Ever! Jaw-Dropping!

The art of tattooing originated centuries ago a world or so away from our time and place. Wherever it has spread, it has adopted a deeply personal, resonating personal significance. That’s why we hesitate to pass too great a degree of judgment on another individual’s body art.

Trust us, we have some work of our own that runs far deeper than flesh and blood could ever convey.

Note that we are at no point justifying slathering an energy drink brand or, for God-has-no-idea-what reason, even “YOLO” across one’s forehead. While some of these 15 jaw-dropping facial tattoos are intricate enough to possibly have origins we would thrill to hear explained, nothing anybody could ever tell us will ever in a hundred Jaegermeister-drenched benders end in a tattoo of an ice cream cone on one’s cheek sounding like a good decision.

Just sit back and remember one thing as your browse these: at least a few of these people will one day have to pose for wedding photos.

Source – SoBadSoGood

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