52 Unique Balloon Art From Across the Ocean Makes American Clowns Cry

You’ve been to the rodeo several times. Hell, you’ve even had your mom hire a clown for one of your birthdays way back when, but what ever happened to serious balloon art? The clowns at the rodeo only jump in those protective barrels. LAME.

So what happened to this dying art? Well apparently it went overseas. Balloon artist Matsumoto-san is taking the old tradition to new inflatable heights. This guy recreates many of the standard animals you see at the zoo in stunning detail, whether it’s the feces-throwing baboon or the irritable horned goat.

And he doesn’t stop with the animal kingdom. He goes on to create a bipolar evil teddy bear and some famous anime characters in great detail. Forget those lackluster clowns; we’ve got an expert here.

Source – Kotaku via Matsumoto (twitter)

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