44 Lego Photography Pictures Puts the Real World On a New Scale

Do you see epic things in tiny packages? Not a believer in ‘bigger is better’? You’re not the only one, and a new artist is making a point to put our large world on a completely different scale…with Legos of course.

French photographer Samsofy, used to photograph sports in urban areas, but he simply couldn’t deny his geek inspirations and has since taken up an artsy approach with Lego characters. Samsofy is taking your favorite iconic Lego characters and placing them in the real world for a completely new concept.

You’re bound to quickly find a favorite, whether it’s Lego Gandalf telling the ferocious cat that ‘he cannot pass!’, Lego Vadar riding a bike with Yoda in the basket in an E.T. tribute, or Lego Batman putting up posters for the missing Boy Wonder. Either way, Samsofy is taking his Lego habit out of the box…literally!

Source – Samsofy




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