41 Animal Hybrid Photoshop Creations Will Blow Your Mind

Photoshop is awesome software that has affected the planet and the Internet in many fascinating and strange ways, such as when Kim Kardashian tried to break the Internet with a backside nude photo of herself, but couldn’t; and then people took her pictures and melded them with all types of creature parts, like a horse’s rear-end.

It truly is amazing how Photoshop artists work their magic melding different species of animals together in realistic photo quality pictures, like the notorious picture of a horse’s rear-end attached to Kim Kardashian’s backside photo.

In this amazing collection of animal hybrid creations, one can quickly realize the level of skill and creativity that was needed to bring such fascinating creatures to life – creatures that resemble ancient lore from around the world. Some pictures are shockingly appealing to look at, like the tiger and eagle hybrid, or the cat and penguin mix, very strange, yet… cute.

Actually, now, there are online communities of people that have made a hobby out of hybrid-creature creation using Photoshop, people with amazing skills that can actually “break the Internet.”

Source – BoredPanda

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