40 Hilarious Falling Disappearing Act Fails Compilation Is Hard Not To Watch

There are so many videos on-the-line, especially on ‘the’ youtube; and you may even have some of your own posted there for the world to see. It seems like most popular videos are funny ones captured unexpectedly, however, the ones where people ‘fail’, crash, fall and fly through the air unintentionally seem to be the best. And, these can be hard to watch.

If you have a weak stomach for watching videos of people flying through the air, crashing, falling and failing at being ‘cool’, then be warned when visiting the FailArmy Youtube channel. The ‘Disappearing Act Fails Compilation’ video posted there is six and a half minutes full of excitement and anticipation waiting for the next epic scene of failure.

Yes, it’s hard to watch, but at the same time you can’t peel your eyes away from watching people crash while riding bikes, motorcycles, cars, walking, diving, swimming and dancing on cars. It’s a video you need to see to believe, but well worth the watch.

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  1. um yah….modern technology doesn’t always display us at our finest as a species

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