40 Creepy Pictures Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Never underestimate the power of memory, kids. Ever.

You sometimes look just a little bit too long at a photo, not thinking anything of it, but your mind haunts you for hours while it attempts to rationalize what it’s just seen. In other instances, you have to process undeniable proof that someone not only invented but currently sells a FaceTime-compatible fiberoptic camera for social sharing exploratory footage of one’s nethers and OUR EYES, WE CLOSE OUR EYES AND THE SIGHTS ARE STILL THERE….

The good news being, (most of) these 20 pictures were not orchestrated with the objective making fearful urine flood your hallways like the elevator blood in THE SHINING. The bad news? Don’t worry if you lose the link to this photo set; they’ll be fresh in your nightmares for a while to come.


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