3DR Solo Quadcopter Is The World’s Smartest Drone Made For GoPro

Drone enthusiasts, you may want to sit down. Haters of drones everywhere, we are about to make you cry.

From the brilliant minds of 3DRobotics Inc. flies Solo, touted as the world’s very first drone by a twin-computer 2GHz “brain”. Built to optimize any pilot’s GoPro experience, the “world’s smartest drone” looks to break new ground with several first-of-their-kind technologies and safety and support functions. For starters, 3D Robotics explains, it is the first and only all-in-one craft to stream fantastic HD GoPro footage directly from its flight to a connected iOS or Android-powered mobile device within a half-mile of its location.

Its professional-standard aerial photography is guided by a video game-style controller’s intuitive controls within seconds of its push-button takeoff. The actual capture is powered automatically by Smart Shot cinematic technology with world-first in-flight GoPro control to start or stop recording and adjust camera settings from the ground via Solo Gimbal interface. The unique Follow Me mode allows Solo to pursue and film any subject automatically.

If obsolescence is a concern, let it go right now. Solo’s gimbal bays are thoroughly future-proof to guarantee ongoing accessory compatibility and its software’s free feature and software updates will keep it in step with ongoing innovations and patches. One of the 1GHz computers operates the copter while the other does the thinking for the controller, and both are connected with the power of a dedicated 3DR Link WiFi signal for the processing power to do what no drone before it could dream of pulling off.

3DR Solo Quadcopter 43DR Solo Quadcopter 33DR Solo Quadcopter 2

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  1. I saw the video :D this drone is awesome :D if i have money i will buy it :D

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