3D Shark Ice Molds Remind You It Isn’t Always Safe To Reach For Your Drink

They’ve been roaming Earth’s oceans for roughly millions of years without once being burdened by a need to evolve, but mankind has now acknowledged without a shadow of doubt that sharks make virtually everything around them better, from paying for The Discovery Channel to Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J, the garbage truck=grinding voice of Katy Perry, and tornadoes.

Whether you know him as “Jaws” or “Bruce”, to his closest friends and fellow filmmakers, let this 3D Shark Ice Mould from Suck UK add a touch of cold death to your drinks. This sweet silicone mould shapse an oceanic ice sculpture that stands up level while freezing. This frigid indiscriminate eating machine is big enough to only comfortably fit bigger glasses, but damn if it isn’t impressive to see his open maw breaching the surface of a frosty Coke.

Just in case sharks aren’t so much your thing as LAKE PLACID or THE WALKING DEAD, have just as much fun icing down your drinks with Suck UK’s crocodile or zombie hand moulds.


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