3D Robotics Solo is the World’s First ‘Smart Drone’ Smarter Than You

Solo is designed to be the drone equivalent of a smartphone. But aren’t all drones smart? Exactly. That means this thing has to be really smart to be worthy of that title.

In fact this device is likely smarter than some humans and has an awesome range of special features that makes it considerably more awesome than your regular drone. And again, that’s impressive seeing as drones are particularly awesome already.

So what does this drone do that’s different? Only loads of stuff.

3D Robotics Solo Drone

For instance, Solo is able to follow a set course aby imagining a ‘cable’ and thereby give you amazing areal videography. Solo is able to do clever stuff like this because it has two on-board computers and that also allows it to fly much more smoothly.

The controller meanwhile is ergonomically designed to feel like a games controller and you also get a free smartphone app that gives you much more precise control over everything you do. It’s also built specifically for GoPro in order to ensure that it’s perfect for use with their cameras. In short, this little flier promises to be the smartest drone for your money and to give you tons of options and features above and beyond what you’re probably used to.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘flying solo’…

3D Robotics Solo Drone 3D Robotics Solo Drone
3D Robotics Solo Drone 3D Robotics Solo Drone 3D Robotics Solo Drone



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