3D Printed Carnivorous Coffee Cup Perfect For The Grouch In The Family

If you’re like most people, aggressively gathering your things together in the morning while at the same time preparing the morning unleaded or leaded java-juice, then you can appreciate the mood this 3D Printed Carnivorous Coffee Cup radiates.

The creator of this uniquely fanged filled coffee mug was obviously inspired by either the spice worms of ‘Dune’, or the giant worms of the Star Wars universe that seemed to always be trying to eat Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo. It’s as cool as it is creepy, but all that aside, it really is amazing what 3D printing can make.

The designer and ‘printer’ of this carnivorous cup is from Norway, Daniel Liljar, and he basically wanted to make a unique cup that could not be made by hand, or… that looks like it could eat your hand. With that as the goal, Daniel has definitely created a fantastic fang filled coffee cup that belongs in the hands of the grumpy one in your family.

Carnivorous Coffee Cup 4Carnivorous Coffee Cup 1Carnivorous Coffee Cup 2Carnivorous Coffee Cup 5


Source – 3DPrint via BeHance

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