3D Paper Craft Origami Lets You Build Animal Art To Hang On Your Wall

If you or someone you know likes art, then you definitely need to cast your eyes on OXYGAMI – paper craft art. Yes, it is art reminiscent of low-polygon count forms that were part of the 1990’s latest video games, but some find these fun animal forms to be very retro looking and cool.

The collection of art that you can make from paper are available as PDF templates, so you can print them out and make them yourself. These include fully formed 3D animals, such as cats, deer, shark, unicorn, and others, and what makes this type of craft paper art form really appealing is that the animals you make are designed to hang on the wall.

While you can buy these individually, you will need some supplies to put them together, such as a ruler, glue, an X-Acto knife, and a steady hand.

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Incredible DIY papercraft templates

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