35 Celebrity Doppelgangers Found in Animals Will Leave You Saying What the Hell?!

Do you have those certain friends that resemble animals? Does that long nose make them look like a bird? Or maybe they kind of look like a celebrity (hopefully an attractive one).

Regardless of how much your friend with that turned up nose looks like Miss Piggy (or I Love New York) or how your other friend’s duck lips remind you of the Aflac duck, this compilation of celebrity match ups is sure to make your sides hurt.

Fan of Family Feud? You may not be once you realize Steve Harvey resembles Mr. Potato Head. A brief look at Honey Boo Boo will have the phrase ‘Not Da Momma!’ stuck in your head for the rest of the night.

Evolution schmevolution. Okay so maybe a few are not exactly animals, but either way these celebrity lookalikes will leave you saying ‘What the hell?!’

mark-zuckerberg Tracy-morgan steve-tyler Ron-Perlman rihanna Paris-hilton michael-cera lily-cole-sad-kitten Kim-Kardashian haley-joel-osment gary-busey eric-stonestreet danny-devito Clint-Eastwood Cher-afghan-hound ann-coulter andy-dick anderson-cooper Tayler-Lautner Poison Whoopie Cat Mask - Queen Miley Butthead Ozborne White Chicks cartoon Carrottop Office Star Wars Facebook Mitt Honey Boo Boo Mr Potato Head
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