34 Really Bad Ideas Or Pure Genius? You Decide.

Sometimes it’s hard to see reason when you think you have a good idea, especially with 7 million patents being issued by the US since 2006. Have you ever heard of a three-wheeled car? Ever been assaulted by a friend’s automatic seat belt? Do you have an In-Car Mini Bar?

Most likely you’ve said no to these things, and it’s no wonder why. Sure these ideas sound good, but once you get to the real deal, it’s a terrible idea! This list is no exception, although we do think some of these ideas do hold some merit. Take for instance the clever use of a GPS holder to hold up your fries. Or setting up a gerbil watering system for your baby. Or even better yet, a bottle opener tooth implant! Come on, that’s genius! Or is it just stupid?



Source – TheChive

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