33 Unforgettable Unique Lipstick Designs Too Beautiful To Kiss

It takes a singularly vivacious lady to leave a mark like no other. For instance, these artifully intricate lipstick designs have sharpened the looks created by Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed, known online as Girl Grey Beauty, to a distinguished fine edge.

Hers is the kind of brilliant style whose secrets many a woman wouldn’t dare share. Lucky for us all, Reed is notably generous with the finer points of employing an array of lipstick shades to paint dazzling looks from honeycombs and broken pixels to vibrant rainbows. Of course, it isn’t all in her shades. She brings several brushes into play to clean up her edges and refine lines. By the time she finishes, sometimes with just a hint of glitter for tasteful accents, her work turns lips of any shape, size or shade into sultry, chic canvases with magnetic appeal.

Enjoy what you’ve seen so far? You can find more brilliant visions on her Instagram account right here.

Source – GirlGreyBeauty Instagram

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Dare to kiss these lips? Those designs got BITE!

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